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Whey Protein Powder

FOB Price: Negotiable
Min.Order Quantity: 1000kgs
Supply Ability: 10 000 kgs per day
Port: GuangZhou Seaport
Payment Terms: CIF FOB CFA EXW
Product Detail

Whey protein is the collection of that can be isolated from, a by-product of manufactured from cow's. It is typically a mixture of (~65%), (~25%), and (~8%), which are soluble in their native forms, independent of. Whey has the highest (BV) of any known protein.

The protein fraction in whey (approximately 10% of the total dry solids within whey) comprises four major protein fractions and six minor protein fractions. The major protein fractions in whey are, , and. Each of these components has important disease-fighting effects. In addition, whey protein is easily.

Whey protein can be by heat. High heat (like the sustained high temperatures above 72 degrees (160 degrees ) associated with the process) denatures whey proteins, destroying some bioactive compounds, such as the. While native whey protein does not upon or of milk, the whey protein triggers hydrophobic interactions with other proteins, and the formation of between whey proteins and micelles, leading to aggregation with other milk proteins at low pH.

More than other protein supplements, whey protein powder is commonly used by and other athletes to accelerate muscle development and aid in recovery. Some individuals with suppressed or otherwise abnormal or use undenatured bioactive whey proteins to increase their antioxidant levels. Native whey proteins are a good source of, a conditionally essential amino acid, which is the rate-limiting factor for the body's production of, an important antioxidant.

In a study, it was found that whey supplements may prevent blood sugar spikes after high-carbohydrate meals, which is useful for diabetics.

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