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Quality Management

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is the product quality targeted. The whole manufacturing process which product quality associated with is monitored to ensure the qualified products and satisfactory services.

Standardised quality assurance of the products, combined with a continuous optimisation process, is a central component of modern quality managements, to guarantee the safety and high quality products for our clients.

Quality Assurance

1.Raw Materials Quality Assurance:

 Raw Materials suppliers Selection and Audit

 Raw Material Sampling, Acceptance and Releasing

 Unqualified Material Handling

 Standardizing Raw Material Naming & Identifying code

 Examination before Product Shipment

 Retention Management of RM Samples

 In-store Quality Examination

2.Production On-site Quality Assurance

 Production Process Monitoring

 Clean Area Environment Control

 GMP critical control point

 Measuring Instruments Management

 Production Process Quality Analysis

 Finished products Release & Sample Retention

3.Regulation Support:

 Product after-sales Technique Support

 Grasping up-to-date Policy and Regulatory , Documents & Implementation Support

 License Application, Checking and Replacement

 Implementation and certification of Industry Standards

 File Management

 Regulation Training

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