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Formulation & Documentation


Over 200 formulas and 1000 specifications, most of them will meet your requirement!

If you can't find the suitable formulas in our formulas sheet, we provide two kinds of services:

1. Customized formula

Providing your formula, Nutritech Asia does Laboratory Evaluation firstly, then provide specification for your approval

2. Nonrestrictive formula

Nutritech Asia can provide solution to formulate new product. Firstly you may provide your idea and function requirement on the new products, then we designs the formula and provides suggestion. Once suggestion is approved, we will do pilot production before the regular production.


Except the regular exporting and imporing documents like CO, Health Certificate and COA, Nutritech Asia can provide other documents to help you to do customs clearance easily.

On the other hand, Nutritech Asia has an experienced team of professions who maintain regular contact with the food safety and pharmaceutical authorities in Europe, USA, Asia, to assure Nutritech Asia can provide suitable documents which can meet the requirement of different countries.

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