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1.TGA's GMP Certificate of Australian Government

TGA's GMP is a certificate controlled and issued by Australian government for complementary medicines referring to medicinal products containing herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements, homoeopathic medicines and certain aromatherapy products. By this standard, the production of dietary supplement is regulated near to drug. This certificate is also highly recognized and widely accepted by more than twenty PIC / S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co- operation Scheme) members, such as UK, France, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, etc.

2.cGMP Certificate of US Natural Product Association

We are one of the dietary supplement manufacturing companies who has granted cGMP certificate by United States natural products Association (NPA) of China. NPA-cGMP certificate is well-recognized by United States industry and government which is focusing on the assessment of production software, the whole system of quality management and making sure the products away from risks.

3.British Retail Consortium Certificate standard Grade A

BRC global standard is established by British retailers consortium group, certification authority and academic community, accepted by British and European retail groups as a mandatory audit standard for their suppliers. From the raw material sourcing until the delivery, biological & chemical & physical hazards analysis need to be done in each step of the process to ensure the products continued complying with the requirements. It's a product quality guarantee for consumers, while a most effective permit to enter European market

4.Fishery Products Registered in EU(2010)

The aim of EU fishery product registry is to ensure the exported fishery products' production and inspection comply with EU legislation. The registering institute is EU community for health and consumer protection.

5.ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS

ISO9001:2008 is a set of professional standards focusing on customers' continually demands, providing guidelines for quality management and requirements for quality assurance. The investigation covers all aspects relating to quality of service and customer experience such as the company's quality management system, management responsibility, resource management and the implementation, measurement, analysis & improvement of product.

6.GMP for Health Foods by SFDA

Safety is extremely important for dietary supplement. The principles of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are applied to keep our facilities and technical equipment hygiene. We have granted GMP certification for health foods in 2003. It provides a standard method for production management, any dietary supplement product needs to be produced in accordance with GMP standards. It can eliminate unfavorable factors in production to guarantee the product quality, and it's an advanced scientific management tool to ensure the stability, safety and efficacy of production.

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